Preparation for a home inspection when selling


You made a final decision about selling your property. But before any celebration of this decision be prepared to deal with one serious step in this process: a home inspection. This really can be very stressful for any seller. So, to make it less stressful, make a list of your own inspection steps. This way you will get a clear picture about what are you getting yourself into and what to do while dealing with inspectors and negotiating with a buyer. After all, it is pretty logical that buyers also want to know what they are getting themselves into.

The inspection will look at everything

It is very important to understand that you mustn’t hide anything. Inspectors will really look and make a full review of all property areas. There are some standard areas a standard home inspection includes so make some time and check it out personally before they do. These areas include structure inspection where they check the integrity of the foundation, rooting and out of plumb door frames and windows.  There is roof inspection where they check for any hanging or lose gutters, chimney defects, damaged skylights or shingles, some fascia or flashing. Exterior checking includes peeling paint and vinyl dents.


While checking interior area make sure your heating vents are in order, ceilings don’t have water stains and that insulations are adequate. The kitchen must not have any leaks such as under the sink, venting must be in order while cabinet drawers and doors have to operate properly. In bathroom make sure your shower and toilet flush are in order while the tub is fastened securely. In all spaces, plumbing must function perfectly with proper pressure and temperature. Electrical systems must show properly working light switches and electrical panels. If you have a fireplace make sure it’s connection to the chimney is cleaned and in order. There is also last but not the least ground inspection which includes checking out dying shrubs or trees, damaged paths, and walls with some standing water.

What to do when preparing?

We all know what makes a basic for a smooth process. And a good deal while selling a property, a proper documentation. Collect all the files that include all the repairs and maintenance done on your property. Insurance claim documentation is also good proof of taking good care of the property problems.


Make access to your home easier. This doesn’t only include cleaning but also making sure all the doors. Gates and access entrances like to the attic are unlocked. This will provide a much quicker and easier inspection process.

There is a global advice from all the real estate agents and people that are selling properties and that is to leave the house when the inspector shows up. This makes a much productive atmosphere.




Craig Johnson